Risk analysis form for snorkelling with Seafriends.
It is adapted to the safe gear we use and to the conditions of Goat Island beach and channel.
RISKS, accident, injury or other
  • Drowning: we made drowning impossible with our full flotation wetsuits
  • Injury: rocks, jellyfish, cramp:everybody is fully covered in a protective wetsuit
  • Hypothermia: Those suffering cold are grouped and guided back to the beach.
  • Being swept away by currents: local knowledge prevents this. 
  • CAUSAL FACTORS: hazards, perils, dangers
    • weak leadership
    • students not co-operating
    • lack of discipline
    • poor instruction
    • inadequate wetsuits
    • wrong size mask/fins
    • waves on beach
    • white water
    • sharp rocks
    • currents
    RISK MANAGEMENT STRATEGIES: normal operation
  • provide PADI and locally trained instructors
  • extensive instruction prior to going in the water
  • minimum age 9 years
  • ratio instructor/ students 1/10 or more if required
  • Maximum group size  30
  • stay around safety floats
    • provide full floating wetsuits, extra thick 
    • provide quality functional  snorkelgear
    • prescription masks for long- and short-sightedness
    • spare masks in the water
    • test gear before use
    • one float for 10 students
    • whistles in the water
    • coloured caps to identify instructors, parents, students
    • first aid kit
    • cell phone nearby
    • unconditional compliance to instructors
    • parents & assistants to be made aware of dangers
    • weather reports
    • avoid problem areas
    • plan for the currents and waves
    • knowledge of local conditions
  • Emergency procedures
    • use of emergency floats, one for each instructor and experienced parent or teacher
    • apply first aid locally: in the water if possible; otherwise on land.
    • call for assistance

    • nearby medical centres:  Matakana, Warkworth, North Shore.
    • BSAC - British Sub-Aqua Club
    • NZUA - New Zealand Underwater Association

    • PADI - Professional Association of Diving Instructors adapted for snorkelling
    • prevention of problems is our main focus
    • intensive local knowledge of the area and conditions
    • good communication with teachers

    • schools sign a contract/ disclaimer which spells out responsibilities.
    • snorkelling skills
    • experience & confidence in the sea
    • group handling skills
  • first aid and CPR
  • knowledge of local conditions
  • PADI dive certificate for lead instructors