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Seafriends - sponsors

We are grateful for the spontaneous help offered by the sponsors listed below.

Key to Visual Insight logoData Interface Technologies Limited, suppliers of 3-D Computer Visualisations have taken care of the cost of running this web site. John van der Leden is a director of Data Interface Technologies. John and his staff share an intense appreciation of our environment, and was impressed with Seafriends' attitude of conservation with common sense. By supporting this web site in such a tangible way, the directors of DIT hope to make a contribution to a better future for all. Visit Data Interface Technologies on the Net.

Ivan and Myfanwy Borich for their lasting support, text corrections and suggestions.

John and Beth Baylay (Warkworth) have donated $5000 towards the initial establishment of the Seafriends Marine Meeting and Education Centre. Sadly, John passed away on 25th March, 1997. Beth joined him on 9 January 2003.

Geoffrey J Cox - Author of Sharks and Rays of New Zealand, offered the use of his drawings and illustrations. "Please let me know which illustrations you want to use and I shall send them to you".

Jim Guthrie  and Lauren Semple- (Anderson Lloyd Lawlink Solicitors) Have set up the legal framework for the Seafriends Foundation, entirely free of charge. They were also trustees of the Seafriends Foundation.

Barry Hutchings, Museum of Australia  and co-author of Sea Fishes of Southern Australia (Swainston Publishing), one of the few books which contains easy to copy illustrations of many Australian (and New Zealand) species of fish, has made these illustrations available to us.
"I am happy for you to continue using our illustrations as long as you: 1.  Do not use them for commercial purposes  2.  Continue to acknowledge the source as Hutchins and Swainston, 1986   3.  Keep me informed of what  illustrations you use."

Professor John Morton - has made all text and drawings available from all the books he has written.

Chris Paulin, Museum of New Zealand "Te Papa", has given permission to use drawings he has made in his many publications.

Walrus Corporation - has helped us get the wetsuits we needed. By working together, we were able to improve the quality and safety of our snorkel sessions in the Goat Island marine reserve. Walrus specialise in tailor-made quality wetsuits at factory prices. Visit their home page where you can order your own.


Seafriends - copyrights

What you find on this site

The Seafriends web site contains a mix of articles, photos, diagrams and drawings produced by various authors. All material on this site is subject to copyright (either Seafriend's or other sources'). However, you are hereby authorised to use all information contained here for your own use, provided you mention its source.

Schools can use all information freely and in any number of copies as they see fit. However, we expect teachers to contribute by way of comments, improvements and suggestions. Teachers may find the worksheets beneficial. Worksheets are marked in the text by a coloured worksheet symbol, the colour of which corresponds to a suggested level. (See School section)

Wherever text or images are used for commercial purposes or for printing, an arrangement must be made with Seafriends. For images provided by other parties and not released for commercial use, you must make separate arrangements with the other parties. We will assist you in this.