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20171204 - New findings on TSI Total Solar Irradiance included in Chapter1
20171129 - Corrections to all Global Climate chapters.
20110814 - Observations of Joe Fletcher added in Chapter7. New and important! Unique to this website.You read it only here!.
20071016 - A beachcare group in SE Australia vindicates our remedy to save beaches: remove all planted vegetation. Spectacular results; video.
20100620 - Greening Planet, the last chapter of Global Climate added (7p)
20100606 - Global climate change: understanding climate and the global warming or cooling debate. Very important (140p)
20100604 - Hall of shame, global warming activist-scientists exposed by organisation and name. Lest we forget. (17p)
20091018 - Seaslugs, nudibranchs and others of New Zealand (9 p)
20090625 - What's happening to our seas? An introduction and overview, linking to all relevant chapters (16p)
20090621 - Inconvenient questions for the Minister of Fisheries. Is MSY at 20% of virgin stock a fraud? (1p)
20090527 - Camouflage, the art of seeming invisible, a new article in the indepth series. (17p)
20090523 - Major additions to our rebuttal of the snapper-urchin-kelp myth, backed by new science.
20090512 - Sleeping fish: do fish sleep? why? how? where? An indepth chapter (12p)
20090506 - Octopus, smart and handy: NZ cephalopods with an emphasis on octopus, in the indepth section (16p)
20090420 - The Rainbow Warrior shipwreck: history, location, ecology, diving, with many photos, in marine reserves (15p)
20090416 - Storm barrens in New Zealand: barren zones are created by large storms according to physical principles of wave propagation. Principles and ecology with many examples. (10p)
20090415 - The snapper-urchin-kelp myth dissected in the indepth section. (6p)
20090414 - Species interaction added to the principles of the intertidal rocky shore. Failure is more important than success!
20090413 - Monitoring results of the Goat Island marine reserve: documenting the decline of many species. Shocking. (10p)
20090118 - Declining coral calcification on the Great Barrier Reef by De'ath et al (2009) dissected in ocean acidification. Note new data fraud addition! (42p)
20090115 - Trapped waves included in the storms section. When a cyclone chases its own waves, it produces sudden devastating waves with little warning in advance. This possibly happened to Niue.
20090114 - Shellfish collapses in NZ: harbingers of more bad news but will we listen or learn? (8p)
20071026 - extensive section about the Poor Knights marine reserve, with over 450 images & maps, still under construction (160p)
20070828 - Marine reserves: paradise won or lost? Understanding how marine reserves work and fail, the short story (15p)
20070820 - ocean acidification as part of global warming, explained in detail, with missing knowledge, in 3 parts. (25p, growing)
20070729 - all pages now have a menu and search button; many long pages split.
20070708 - discovered major link corruptions in several pages. Oops.
20070406 - Science needs skeptics: the important roles that outsiders and skeptics play in science. (4p)
20070318 - A study of the rocky shore in NZ in 4 parts, with principles and over 300 photographs (70p)
20070122 - Jewel anemones: a tribute to the gaudy colours of the jewel anemone Corynactis haddoni (4p)
20060825 - Composition of seawater updated with dissolved gases, carbondioxide and pH.
20060712 - Carbon pools and fluxes in the biosphere added to soil ecology.
20060528 - Winter seminar programme started. (4p)
20060326 - Daniel Pauly's page updated with the big lie, showing two photos of the sea bottom before and after trawling.
20060301 - More images of decay and stressed habitats decay3 (10p)
20060227 - The new 2006 CD is out, bigger and better than ever. Read more. Over 2000 large images.
20060227 - The 2006 slide show installed with over 200 new underwater images of NZ. See the index (p)
20060205 - The Niue slideshow 2006 and index installed. Beautiful photographs. (4.6MB, 19p)
20051210 - Scientist Bjørn Lomborg defends an attack on his book The Skeptical Environmentalist (35p)
20051116 - PRESS RELEASE: Local Government forces Marine Education Centre to close - no common sense, no help, no heart. (6p)
20051026 - Movie and video, essential knowledge for underwater moviemaking. (4p)
20051022 - Nikonos Cameras, what to expect of a good camera. Learn the limitations of digital. (9p)
20051017  Advanced underwater macrophotography (12p) and how to calibrate your lens (6p) with Anthoni's illusive depth scale (1p)
20051015  Opportunities and diver behaviour for successful underwater photography (8p)
20051011  Underwater photography section completely revised with many additions
20051008  In the DDA section, DDA for Dummies added an important read (12p)
20051004  First classification of common fishes of Niue, with links to 90 photos (17p)
20050930  Niue - a visitor's perspective: what to see and do with the natural attractions (17p) and map (1p)
20050926  Biodiversity of Niue: principles, habitat zoning and vegetation types (7p)
20050923  Little miracles on and around Niue (16p)
20050809  The Five Myths of conservation & restoration added to Frequently Asked Questions.
20050808  An important section on Dr Anthoni's invention, the Dark Decay Assay to measure the health of plankton leading to new ecological discoveries in aquatic ecosystems (104p)
20050426  Due to 1 million distinct vistors per year the web site had to be relocated. Apologies for any inconvenience.
20050326  DoC invents a new plan to fast-track marine reserves (19p). Complete with supporting documents and flowchart. (32p)
20041210 The latest and most pressing threat to coastal seas, degradation, explained in detail. Most important reading (25p) + more (20p)
20041130 A large section about Niue Island, its geography, geology, history, ecology and more (70p). Preview the slide show index (24p 4.5MB)
20041024 Preview the 2005 CD slideshow, 570 new images of underwater New Zealand. part1, part2 (30p, 6MB)
20041010 Myths(11) dissects DoC's propaganda about favourable monitoring results but it exposes how the public is deceived. Unbelievable. (20p)
20041007 The NZ Rock Lobster Industry Council submission to the Great Barrier Island marine reserve application is educational and revealing. (12p)
20040831 Laugh-and-learn from war-toons part 2 (7p)
20040812 Laugh-and-Learn from the war-toons part 1, cartoons illustrating issues in the marine reserves debate (7p)
20040809 Myths(10): A critical appraisal of Dr Pauli's public statements (8p) and More Pauli statements gleaned from Internet (20p)
20040807 Fishing down marine food chains: Daniel Pauly's article in New Scientist (8p)
20040806 Fishing down aquatic food webs: Daniel Pauly's important article on fished food webs and their trophic levels. (9p)
20040803 Photos of stingrays and eagle rays (5p)
20040731 A new look to the front page lists important recent additions for ease of reference.
20040725 The Mimiwhangata marine reserve proposal exposes DoC and scientists. Unbelievable, a must-read! (30p+)
20040723 Various news items about the Mimiwhangata marine reserve proposal make protagonists look silly. (8p)
20040723 Various articles, national and international, rebutted in Myths(9) (8 p)
20040607 Thumbnail images of the 700 photos on CD, arranged in two printable indexes: part1, part2(2x18 pages, 2x2.6MB download)
20040220 The first Seafriends CD is out, with the complete contents of the web site and a large slide show. Read more.
20040210 DoC answers concerns raised by objectors to the Great Barrier Island marine reserve but fails. Myths8.
20040120 An in-depth account of how and why cyclone Heta caused so much damage to Niue. (5p)
20031212 Myths(6) recites two important introspective articles bringing doubt to the quality of MPA science.
20031118 400 images linked in with the photo library. Cosmetic changes. (large)
20031111 The digital darkroom: how to use the computer to make better images. Advanced techniques. (28p)
20031030 A server crash lost many files, all restored on the next day. Sorry for the inconvenience.
20030923 Lessons from Leigh: the good, the bad and the ugly. Learn from past mistakes. (23p)
20030921 Myths(7) entirely devoted to a scientific article on the science behind the politics of marine reserves (26p)
20030831 New books for the Seafriends library. These you can hire. (5p)
200308** Marine reserves status: an uptodate overview of proposed marine reserves (4p)
20030731 Marine science exposed: inadequate marine science aimed at proving marine reserves. Shocking. (33p)
200307** Various marine reserve proposals de-myth-ified. Great Barrier, Tiritiri, Westcoast, Tawharanui (63p)
20030710 Navigate this site from a wide perspective, using the big picture overview. Don't miss challenging theories.(6p)
20030628 A new hypothesis explains how innocent plankton can kill many organisms over large areas. It may amount to the discovery of an overlooked limiting factor in the sea, shedding new light on marine ecology (16p).
20030623 Myths(4), Myths(5) added - only reading is believing (23p)
20030621 A new section added on the war for marine reserves. Check out what is wrong - is this human intelligence?  (51 p, growing)
20030530 Myths(3) more myths and fallacies (9 p)
20030521 Dark Seas, Dark Future. Article for The Independent. (3 p)
20030505 Myths(2) continuation of myths and fallacies. (10 p)
20030423 Myths and fallacies exposed in newspaper articles and speeches. (10 p)
20030328 Article about clouds rising 6m per year placed in Oceanography/circulation.
20030323 Hauraki Gulf Marine Survey 1993: our own research into the effects of the 1992/93 kelpbed death (Reported to MAF in Sept 1993), with interesting other findings. Extent of 1992 and 1993 plankton blooms; measurement of wave exposure diagram; barren zones without urchins; extents of decline in various marine organisms and more.
20030323 In Marine Conservation, a summary of the main causes and effects of threats to the marine environment.
20030320 Objectors to the proposed Tiritiri Matangi marine reserve received an infuriating and dishonest letter from the NZUA.
20030317 To feed or not? Is feeding inside a marine reserve bad? An In-depth discussion of the problems.
20030315 Frequently Asked Questions about marine reserves, and honest answers, dispelling many myths. Must read. (25p)
20030307 In erosion: Low loss landscapes. A new hypothesis on the shapes of the land, coast and sea bottom.
20030228 Submissionto the Marine Reserves Bill 2002 - a strange piece of legislation, born from ignorance.
20030116 An extensive section about the Goat Island marine reserve added, with supporting documentation. Transcripts of recent opinions and that of speeches during the opening of this reserve.
20030116 The chapter about Marine Conservation added: benefits, myths, what works and what does not. (33p)
20021018 Temperatures around NZ added to 'Why NZ is so special', in Oceanography.
20020816 Links to free scientific information added.
20020710 Most older pages revisited and improved.
20020707 Site map updated.
20020706 A large section devoted to the Kermadec Islands marine reserve (80p).
20011116 The site search engine works again. It is provided by
20011108 Summary of threats to the planet; to humans, atmosphere, land and sea.
20011011 Conservation deals with the principles and practices of conservation.
20010930 Resource management: the basic rules underlying conservation and exploitation.
20010927 Biodiversity , the principles behind biodiversity.
20010926 Comparison of biorealms illustrate differences between land, sea, soil and fresh water.
20010924 Time tables of mankind: progress through knowledge and invention. The rise (and fall?) of an intelligent being.
20010920 Belief systems of the world: how people surrender logic and reason.
20010906 Science, technology & human nature. Examining the culprits (or saviours?)of our predicament. Thought-provoking.
20010906 The deep sea conveyor belt added to oceanography/currents.
20010808 Some common crabs documented: the Grapsidae and Ocipodidae, including the mud crabs.
20010725 Revised the marine glossary extensively. By Nov 2001: Resource management + Conservation + Marine reserves.
20010630 For over one week the e-mail links have not been working correctly. Sorry for the inconvenience.
20010630 Formidable sponsorship offered by Asset Management Systems who are now hosting this web site for free.
20010612 A case study added about mining the sea sand (19+9 pages). Is it sustainable? Does it affect nearby beaches?
20010525 Megatsunamis, disruption of the water cycle , Chimeras and elephantfish and more.
20010410 Various additions and corrections to the section on disappearing beaches.
20001205 Section on soil completed.
20001115 The large section on soil added, almost completed. A must-read for everyone!
20000920 The site search engine has been out of action since January 2000. New page on library acquisitions. Michael Smither's essay on sand and driftwood, beaches and dunes.
20000918 Oceanography section finished, Currents chapter added. Media release Forest & Bird on Hector's dolphins in peril.
20000904 In Oceanography Ocean Properties chapter added. Minister Peter Hodgson's speech on Oceans Policy in NZ.
20000813 In Oceanography: a new chapter about why New Zealand is so special.
20000731 In Oceanography: Oceans chapter. Periodic Table of Elements. Units & Measures becoming useful.
20000716 A new Indepth article about storms and beach erosion "Perfect Storms"
20000704 A new Indepth article about invasions of sea hares "The year of the sea hares"
20000910 In Photo Library a new section of affordable posters added. A3 sized high quality prints for only NZ$25.
20000602 In Oceanography the chapter on tides added.
20000508 In Oceanography the chapter on storms added.
20000501 In Oceanography the chapter on beaches and dunes added.
20000425 My own controversial findings why our beaches are disappearing. New ways to look at dunes and beaches and how to save them for posterity. Also in oceanography, the corresponding chapter on waves added.
20000301 An essential advanced course on under water photography added with many photographic examples.
20000101 Goat Island 'Sustainability Transition' (GIST) Declaration:  eight scientists link human health and sustainability to the enormous transition mankind finds itself in, at the turn of the millennium.
19990926 The in-depth series of articles started. More books in the library.
19990324 Many books added to our library catalogue. A new catalogue set up for relevant articles in magazines. A list of sponsors.
19990125 Added a new web site for finding products and brands and industries in NZ: aCourts Gateway. Use it!
19981016 Added a site map and made changes to the way things are linked.
19980725 Revised the home page and others.NZ search page
19980717 It has been a long time since. Enjoy the additions. site search, web search page, Greenpeace article, About trawling,
19970512 Over one hundred books added to the library.
19971124 Snapper, Jacks, Kahawai, dolphinfish, goatfish, In the summer months this site will grow only slowly.
19971028 Snorkel instruction added, Hunter to Caretaker added, Wetsuit fitting form, Kyphosids (Drummers), Introduction to Photo Library, News article,. Next will be more fishes, some habitats.
19971018 Habitats framework added and introduction. Marine reserves framework added. Lower animals framework added. Next will be more details on Goat Island, habitats, fishes.
19971015 The framework has by and large been completed. Goat Island marine reserve added.
19970915 Initial version.Introduction, blueprint, what's new, copyrights, how you can help, organisation, schools, SF library, Glossary, news section and letters, SF field centre, services,

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