global climate issues

By Dr J Floor Anthoni (2010 )
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The changing global climate has caused much fear, and for good reasons because we've all adapted well to the climates we live in. Any change, whether colder, warmer, drier or wetter is thus encountered with suspicion and fear. But climate has always been changing.
In this section you will be able to learn how climate works, what past climates looked like, which changes are in the offing, and much more. The fear for human-caused global warming of course stands central to all issues.
global climate
The world's climates are changing, thought to be related to global warming. The world appears to be warming because of human emissions, is the consensus, but many scientists disagree. This large chapter views all issues from a wide perspective, to foster understanding. (140 pages)
ocean acidification
Oceans can absorb large amounts of CO2 but in doing so, can become more acidic. How serious is this and should we be alarmed? What do we know for sure? (50 pages)
ozone holes
Not long ago scientists discovered an ozone hole in the atmosphere above Antarctica. It immediately became a problem. What is the story, the science and the doubt? (later)
El Niño
At regular intervals, the climate around the Pacific Ocean changes, and fisheries collapse. It is called El Niño, and its cycle ENSO. But there is also the Decadal Pacific Oscillation PDO. What's going on and what is the science? (later)
 hall of shame
In the global warming debate, too many scientists have traded their objectivity for firmly held beliefs, causing confusion while steering society in the wrong direction. Some have been corrupted by the flow of research funds, but on this page they are held accountable, together with their academic institutions and laboratories. (20 pages) The statement rebutting 'skeptics', published by the Royal Society UK, is a good example. (6 pages)
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