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Thank you for trying to contact us. But before you do, have you considered that your question will cost someone time and effort to answer? Have you asked people around you, like your teacher? How much work have you done yourself? Are you certain your answer is not already answered on this site? Here are some tips:
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In case you wish to report simple errors (typos), please note the URL of the page where you found the mistake, and help us to find and remedy it quickly. Your feed-back is highly appreciated.

Should you wish to correct mistakes in the scientific part, or add new important facts, please help with the information that supports your claim. Send us the scientific article, or bring us in contact with those who know. You may wish to re-word a phrase on this site to get it right. We are very keen to eradicate mistakes, accidentally or conceptually made. Science is in continual flux, and new facts emerge at an ever faster rate. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

If you just want to say how much this site has been of value to you, please do not hesitate to do so. Occasionally, we need encouragement. You can also help by telling others about this website. Printing the articles of your interest is also a good way to share your knowledge with others.

We are also very interested in hearing your experiences with the sea; how it changes and what you have observed. Please do not hesitate to e-mail Floor Anthoni.

Here are your contacts:
Kwinten De Vos is the new owner since September 2012. He can be reached as kwinten (at) seafriends.org.nz Kwinten will no doubt make improvements but he has pledged to keep operations the way they were, assisted by Dr Floor Anthoni.

For Dr J Floor Anthoni, director of Seafriends, author of this web site, copy/paste: floor( at )seafriends.org.nz into your e-mail address line and replace ( at ) by @. Sorry for the inconvenience, because these addresses appear to attract junk mail. Contact him for issues relating to this web site, and ordering CDs.
Note that we usually answer serious requests within a few days. So if your e-mail has not been answered, it may have been rejected by spam filters over which we do not have control, or there was a computer problem. Please send again.

Since Diane Hughes no longer works here, a small team now also organises school programmes schools (at) seafriends.org.nz , CD sales and daily management of the Seafriends field centre at Leigh. For urgent matters, it is safer to use the phone: 09 422 6212.

For Maria Anthoni, retired managing director of the Seafriends Marine Conservation and Education Centre in Leigh, copy/paste: maria( at )seafriends.org.nz into the address box of your e-mail message. Maria has retired from the daily management of the field centre.

Please respect our privacy and do not use these e-mail addresses for sending junk e-mail.

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