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This section contains the most recent acquisitions to the Seafriends Library, so that frequent visitors can keep themselves uptodate. Books and magazines listed here have not been listed in the Seafriends library catalogue A-K, L-Z.
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New books

Since Jan 2005

Adams, Nancy: Common seaweeds of New Zealand. 1997. Canterbury Univ Press. <Sea Plants Spl4>

Batson, Peter: Deep New Zealand, blue water, black abyss. 2003. Canterbury Univ Press. <NZ Fish NZF33>

Carmelo (Ed), R Thomas: Identifying Marine Plankton. 1997. Academic Press. <Plankton Pl9>

Debelius, Helmut: Crustacea. Guide of the world.  Atlantic, Indian, Pacific Oceans. 2001. IKAN. <Crustaceans Cr14> Over 1000 photographs of crustaceans, taken in their natural habitat.

Dekker, Willem: Slipping through our hands, population dynamics of the European eel. 2004. PhD thesis Univ Amsterdam. <Holland Ho9> A very extensive study to understand why the European eel population is in decline.

DeVilliers, Marq and Sheila Hirtle: A dune adrift, the strange origins and curious history of Sable Island. 2004. Walker Publ. <Oceanography Oc25> Off Nova Scotia, at the edge of the continental shelf and surrounded by glacial sands, Sable Island teeters in the balance of the southward Labrador current and northward Gulf Stream. It is a strange place with a strange history.

Diamond, Jared: Collapse, how societies choose to fail or succeed. 2005. Penguin Group. <Ecology Ec130> A powerful analysis of why settlers, societies and entire civilisations have failed, pointing to common causes like environmental destruction, climate change, hostile neighbours, over complexity and inflexibility to adapt to changing circumstances. In general, societies fail to see their threats timely.

Fleming C A: Marwick's illustrations of New Zealand shells. 1966. Govt Printer, DSIR 173. <

Gosliner, Terrence M and David W Behrens and Gary C Williams: Coral reef animals of the Indo-Pacific. animal life from Africa to Hawai'i exclusive of the vertebrates. 1996. Sea Challengers. <Pacific&Tropics P/T15>

Lomborg, Bjorn: The skeptical environmentalist: measuring the real state of the world. 2001,2006. Cambridge Univ Press. <Ecology Ec129> A critical look at the state of the world, using extensive world statistics. Controversial and stimulating.

Griffin D J G: The marine fauna of NZ: Pidercrabs, family Majidae (Crustacea, brachyura). 1966. DSIR 172, NZOI 35. <Crustaceans Cr13>
Pawson David L: The marine fauna of NZ: Sea cucumbers (Echinodermata: holothuroidea). 1970. DSIR 201, NZOI 52. <Lower Animals LA30>

Paulin, Chris: Common New Zealand marine fishes. 1998. Canterbury Univ Press. Black&white illustrations by Helen casey. <NZ Fish NZF34>

Smith Deboyd L, Kevin B Johnston: A guide to marine coastal plankton and marine invertebrate larvae. 1977,1996. Kenall Hunt Publ. <Plankton Pl10>

Verne, Jules: Twenty thousand leagues under the sea. 1870, 1922, 1950, 1990. Reader's Digest. <Novels Nov11>

New magazines

Water & Atmosphere

Scientific American, selected articles.

New articles (New Zealand)



----more reports from DoC 18 Sep 2003-----not requested, not received

Egli,D.P., and Babcock R.C. 2002. Optimising marine reserve design in New Zealand - Part I: Behavioural data for individual based models. 39 p. Report to the Department of Conservation, Northland Conservancy

Freeman,D.J. and Duffy,C.A.J. 2003. Te Angiangi marine reserve: reef fish and rock lobster monitoring
1995-2001. Department of Conservation, East Coast Hawke ís Bay Conservancy.

Kelly,S.1999. 1999 Lobster survey of Te Awaatu (The Gut) marine reserve, Doubtful Sound. 12 p. Report to the Department of Conservation.

Kelly,S. 2000. 2000 Lobster survey of the Cathedral Cove (Te Whanganui A Hei) marine reserve. 15 p. Report to the Department of Conservation.

Parsons,D., Babcock,R., Willis,T. 2000. Space utilization characteristics of snapper (Pagrus auratus) in a marine reserve. Report to the Department of Conservation. 31 pp.

Craw M, Cocklin C. 1997: Social impact assessment for Te Whanagnui-a-Hei Marine Reserve. Unpublished consultancy report to DoC. not received

Irving, P J (1994). Extent of commercial fishing along the north-east coast of Great Barrier Island. Appendix 7 in Draft application for the Rakitu (Great BarrierIsland) marine reserve. Unpublished internal report by DoC, Auckl Cons.
Note! we must get the whole report.

Kelly S. 2000: Cape Rodney to Okakari Point Marine Reserve lobster monitoring programme: May 2000 survey. Report to DoC. This report cannot be located!!

New articles (overseas)