Seafriends library catalogue A - K
The Seafriends private library is open to the public, and can be browsed using this catalogue by author. Books can be lent by mail and paid for by PayPal. e-mail us with your requirement.
. Update June 2014: In a callous act of vandalism, the "new management team" gave most of the library books away to passing visitors, thereby effectively destroying this unique collection which was intended as a gift to future generations. About 750 books were stolen from this unique collection of 1500 books. Feel free to email them.

The titles struck-through are no longer available

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The Seafriends library is a collection of books brought together for the benefit of visitors to the Marine Conservation and Education Centre.You will find here books about most activities relating to the use of the sea. You will even encounter hard to find publications about the sea creatures around us. Other books allow youto 'peep' into other oceans. The library also contains a vast number of old books. Where these books predate the era of diving, they recount the unbelievable adventures of the explorers and seafarers.

The library also has scientific books about how living organisms work, how the seas were created and how the land was formed because in the end all this relates to the underwater world. And then there is the land we travel over to reach our diving destinations. It too is inhabited by species that are very interesting to observe and to know more about. After all, this is OUR country. Important are also the reference works, the encyclopedia to enable you to use your study time here more effectively.

Finally we have allowed a number of lighthearted works such as picture books for the reading table. In order to keep up to date, the Seafriends library is continually supplied with new books and it is here that you can be of help. If you have books at home that are merely gathering dust, then why not donate or lend them to us? An acknowledgement is pasted in the front of the book as you can see from the many books already donated to us. Each library book is covered in strong transparent polythene film to minimise damage.

The mix of books found in the Seafriends library was intended for a variety of customers we expect: the divers, their spouses and children, backpackers, casual visitors, primary school children, secondary school children, university students and visiting scientists.


The books have been sorted into categories so that you can focus your search on your areas of interest. We imagine that you will also use this catalogue to browse through. In this catalogue all books appear sorted by the main author's name. Sometimes a category of books is taken together such as Reader's Digest, Time-Life and the Leigh Marine Lab Publications. Each book in this catalogue has its category marked such as: BOATS. Likewise each book has its category marked on the lending record glued inside its cover. So it is relatively easy to locate a book and to put it back in place.

If you wish to borrow a book, read the instructions on the /books/index.htm page.

 Please be careful with our books!


GENERAL INTEREST: the books you wouldn't expect in this library. Picture books and other entertaining works.
CATALOGUES: catalogues of books, maps, charts, etc. (See Reference)
DICTIONARIES: Dictionaries, Encyclopedia (See Reference)
BIOGRAPHIES: biographies and autobiographies.
NZ GENERAL: general books about NZ, its history, the Rainbow Warrior.
POLITICS: politics, social studies, economy.
PHILOSOPHY: philosophy, making the big connections. See also Ecology and Politics
PARKS: picture books about our wilderness areas and walkways.
OUTDOOR ACTIVITY: canoeing, wild water rafting, tramping.
GEOLOGY: how NZ was formed. Also tectonic plates world-wide.
NATURAL HISTORY: books encompassing most categories below.
FRESH WATER: fresh water fishes, plants and fauna. Lakes, rivers.
AGRICULTURE: farming, forestry, cropping, soil, erosion.

SEASHORE: the NZ seashore and its animals and plants.
NZ FISH: fishes of NZ. Notice how each later work is more informative.
CRUSTACEANS: the crabs, crayfish, shrimps
LOWER ANIMALS: seasquirts, sponges, flower animals.
ECHINODERMS: seastars, sea urchins, etc.
SHELLS/MOLLUSCS: the shells, snails and nudibranchs.
PLANKTON: whatever we know about the plankton in our seas.
SEA MAMMALS: the dolphins, whales and seals.
BIRDS: birds of NZ but also birds of the world.
REPTILES/AMPHIBIANS: NZ species and world-wide.
OTHER ANIMALS: a mix of books that have slipped into the library.
SEAWEEDS: whatever we know about the plants in our seas.
LAND/NATIVE PLANTS: the plants and trees around us. See also PARKS.
AGRICULTURE: farming, cropping, soil, erosion, fertilisers, biocides,
FORESTRY: native and exotic forestry

SEA GENERAL: those that couldn't be placed in any of the categories below.
EDUCATION: marine education.
BIOLOGY/SCIENCE: how plants and animals work inside.
ECOLOGY/EVOLUTION: how plants and animals live together.
BEHAVIOUR: how animals and humans behave.
ARCHAEOLOGY: underwater archaeology and treasure hunting.
SPELEOLOGY: caving under water.
OCEANOGRAPHY: the geography of the land and oceans.
CLIMATE/WEATHER: about air and water circulation
CONSERVATION: about preserving land and sea for the future.
FISHING: (whaling, angling, aquaculture, mariculture): how to do it and where and what's wrong.

COUSTEAU: deserves his own category. We owe him a lot.
THE SEAFARERS: a most splendid series of books.
KEEPING AQUARIUM: the aquarium is an artificial community, hard to keep well.
PRESERVING: preserving marine species.

DIVING GENERAL: anything not in the categories below
INSTRUCTION: the various schools, BSAC, US NAVY, CMAS, PADI.
TECHNOLOGY: the apparatus for diving and exploration.
MEDICINE: in-depth theory and experiments.
HISTORY: the good old times. See also NOVELS and TRAVEL.
PHOTOGRAPHY: picture books and how to take underwater photographs.
SCIENTIFIC DIVING: techniques and achievements. See also ARCHAEOLOGY.

BOATS: all types of boat. See also categories below and SEAFARERS.
SHIPWRECKS: known shipwrecks in NZ and salvaging.
BOATING: sailing, seamanship, navigation.
LOCATIONS NEW ZEALAND: detail about locations in NZ for boating & diving.

AUSTRALIA: the diving we can do there and sea creatures.
INDIAN: same
POLAR: same
JAPAN : same

STORIES TRAVEL: voyages, expeditions, survivals.
NOVELS: stories about the sea, often true.

COOKING SEAFOOD: a host of recipes to prepare seafood and other.

CHILDRENS LIBRARY: books for the young readers.



AA - see Automobile Association

Aartsma, Koen et al.: Nederland en de zee - de ramp (Dutch).1977.HOLLAND Ho8

Adams, Nancy M:

Akarana, Royal Auckland Yacht Club: Coastal cruising handbook (1991). BOATING Bo66

Alexander, Roy: Sea prison and shore hell. Cruise of the raider Atlantis.1942.TRAVEL Tr24

Allaby, Michael: Guide to Gaia.1989. ECOLOGY Ec25
Allaby, Michael: Green facts (Ecology Facts) - the greenhouse effect and other key issues. 1989. 192p. Hamlyn. A well-documented and readable account on the main issues facing mankind .ECOLOGY Ec60.
Allaby, Michael: The concise Oxford dictionary of zoology. 1991. Oxford Univ Press. BIOLOGY Bio??

Allan, Richard & Tracey Greenwood. Biology, Year 12 student resource and activity manual. 1999. Biozone Internat. BIOLOGY Bio39

Allderdice Travers, Louise: The romance of shells in nature and art.1962. SHELLS Sh40

Allen, Gerry & Roger Swainston & Jill Ruse: Marine fishes of South-east Asia. 1997. Western Australian Museum. ASIA As3

Alpers, Antony: A book of dolphins.1960. SEA MAMMALS Ma19

Ames, Gerald and Rose Wyler: Earth, sea and sky. CHILDRENS SCIENCE Ch6

Amos, William: The life of the seashore (Our living world of nature). 1966. ECOLOGY Ec30

Andel, Tjeerd H van: New Views on an Old Planet.1985.GEOLOGY Geo7

Anderson, Grahame: The merchant of the Zeehaen. Isaac Gilsemans and the voyages of Abel Tasman.2001. Te Papa Press. TRAVEL Tr51

Andreasen, Nancy C: The broken brain. The biological revolution in psychiatry. 1985. Harper&Row. BEHAVIOUR Be19

Andrew, Neil & Malcolm Francis: (3) The living reef: the ecology of New Zealand's rocky reefs. 2003.Craig Potton Publ. Nearly 300 pages with many colourful photographs, illustrating the wondrous and diverse underwater flora and fauna from the Kermadec Islands to Antarctica. Unique in its kind.  <NZ NAT HIST NH18abc>

Andrews, Michael L A: The life that lives on man - mites, ticks, fleas, lice, bugs, bacteria, viruses and yeasts. 1976. Faber & Faber, London. BIOLOGY Bio16

Angel, Heather: The world of an estuary.1974. ECOLOGY Ec28

Anson, Lord: A voyage round the world in the years 1740-1744. TRAVEL Tr15

Anthoni, J Floor: New Zealand, the way we need it. What you must know before you vote. 1987. Anthoni. Economics made easy. Analysing what is wrong with neo-classical Rogernomics. ECONOMY PEP63.

Antonisse, Rinus: De kroon op het Deltaplan (Dutch).1986.HOLLAND Ho3

ARC. Auckland Regional Council publications

Arrecgros, Josette: Schelpen aan het strand. 1968. SHELLS Sh5 box 1

Armitage, Don: Great Barrier Island. 2001. Canterbury Univ Press. NZ GENERAL NZG37.Box 1

Asimov, Isaac:

Atkinson, I A E: Vegetation map of Tongariro National Park.1981. PARKS/NATURE WALKS PN2

Attenborough, David:

Auckland University Field Club publications: Audubon Society publications: Auge International: NZ, an emerging force. 1990.NZ GENERAL NZG30

AA, Automobile Association publications

Axelrod, Dr Herbert R: Encyclopedia of tropical fishes.1974.AQUARIUM Aq2

Axelrod, Robert: The evolution of cooperation. 1984. Basic Books. EVOLUTION Ev7. Examines the tit-for-tat survival strategy and the biological evolution of cooperation.

Ayling, Tony and Geoffrey J Cox: (2) Collins Guide to the Sea Fishes of NZ.1982.1987. NZ FISH NZF2, NZF33

Ayling, A.M.  and Avril L. see Leigh Lab

Aylward G H and T J V Findlay: SI chemical data.1971. John Wiley Properties of the elements, crystal forms, properties of organic compounds, shapes of molecules & ions, bond lengths and enthalpies, latent heat, solubility, vapour pressure and much more.. SCIENCE Sc37.

Bagnis, Raymond et al.: Fishes of Polynesia.1974. PACIFIC Pa7

Bailey, James A: Principles of wildlife management. 1984. John Wiley. CONSERVATION Co44

Bailey, Ronald (Ed). Earth report 2000. A report from the Competitive Enterprise Institute. 2000. McGraw-Hill. ECOLOGY Ec108. Corporate business strikes back in the debate on the fate of the Earth. Alternative visions opposing the doomsday scenarios.

Balk, J TH: Nederland, van water tot land (Dutch).1981. HOLLAND Ho2

Ballantine, W J: Marine reserves for New Zealand.1991.CONSERVATION Co22, Co48
Ballantine, W J: Principles & dynamics of marine reserves. Volumes 1, 2, 3. Leigh Marine Lab, Univ Auckland. 1999. A rich and detailed collection of papers and ideas supporting the marine reserve concept. CONSERVATION Co36, Co37, Co38

Ballard, Robert: Exploring the Lusitania. 1995. Weidenfeld & Nicolson, London. SHIPWRECKS SW2
Ballard, Robert with Malcolm McConnell: Explorations, an autobiography. 1996. Weidenfeld & Nicholson. OCEANOGRAPHY Oc26

Barnaby, Dr Frank (Ed): The GAIA peace atlas. survival into the third millennium. 1988. Doubleday. POLITICS PEP74.

Barnhart, Percy Spencer: Marine fishes of southern California. 1936. Univ California Press. PACIFIC Pa12

Barnes, Robert D: Invertebrate Zoology. 1987 Saunders. BIOLOGY Bio11
Barnes, Robert D: Invertebrate zoology (4th edn).1963-1980. Holt Saunders. BIOLOGY Bi54.

Barnett, Anthony: The human species, a biology of man. 1968. Penguin Books. BIOLOGY Bio36

Barraclough Fell, H: (2) Native Sea-stars (of NZ).Nature in NZ series.1962. LOWER ANIMALS LAn4,26

Barrass, Robert: Modern biology made simple. 1979. W H Allen. BIOLOGY Bio45

Barrett, J & C M Yonge: Collins pocket guide to the seashore (England).1970. GR BRITAIN GB6

Barrow, John D: Pi in the sky. 1992 Penguin books. SCIENCE Sc8

Barry, Roger B et al: Atmosphere, weather and climate.1968/1982 (fourth ed). CLIMATE/WEATHER CW6

Barton, Robert: Secrets of the oceans. 1980. Books for Pleasure. SEA GENERAL SG44

Bascom, Willard: The crest of the wave. 1988. OCEANOGRAPHY Oc1

Bateman, David (see McKinnon)

Bates, Marston: The forest and the sea.1980, ECOLOGY Ec31

Bates, Robert L & Julia A Jackson. Dictionary of geological terms. (Prepared by the American Geological Institute). 3rd ed. 1984. Anchor Books. GEOLOGY Geo32

Bayley, Meg: Desings of life. A biology textbook for senior secondary students. 1992. Longman Paul. BIOLOGY Bio38.

Bay Of Plenty Polytechnic.

BBC BOOKS: BBC Publ. Byat A, Fothergill A, Holmes M: The blue planet, a natural history of the oceans. 2001. Butler & Tanner. Beautifully printed companion to the awesome BBC television series SEA GENERAL SG15..

Beazley, Mitchell: Atlas of the oceans. 1977. Beazley Publ. OCEANOGRAPHY Oc23

Beckel, Lothar and Franz Zwittkovits: Europa vanuit de ruimte. (sattellite picts)1988. GEOGRAPHY Gg8

Beggs, D: Nature Study, a handbook for teachers.1962. EDUCATION Ed2

Begon & Mortimer: Population Ecology. 1981 Blackwell. ECOLOGY Ec36

Bellamy, David: Moa's Ark - The voyage of New Zealand.1990.NZ GENERAL NZG9

Benchley, Peter: The Deep. NOVEL Nov8

Benham, Clarence: Diver's luck, a story of pearling days.1951.DIVING HISTORY DH7

Bennett, Thomas Peter & Earl Frieden: Modern topics in Biochemistry.1971.SCIENCE Sc18

Benton, Dr Michael: The Rise of the Mammals.1991.EVOLUTION Ev17

Benyon-Tinker, W E: Dust upon the sea. TRAVEL Tr43

Berge, Victor: Danger is my life (adventures of a Swedish diver).1954. DIVING HISTORY DH15

Bergquist, Patricia R : also see NIWA. Sponges. 1978 Univ of California. LOWER ANIMALS LAn9

Berne, Eric: Games people play. 1964 Penguin. BEHAVIOUR Be2

Berwin, David and David Barber: Creative Techniques in Underwater Photography. 1982. DIVING PHOTOGRAPHY DP12

Bevington, Philip R: Data reduction and error analysis for the physical sciences. 1969. McGraw-Hill. SCIENCE Sc4

Bird, E C F: Coasts - an introduction to systematic geomorphology. 1976. Aust Nat Univ Press. OCEANOGRAPHY Oc11.

Bishop, Nic: Natural History of New Zealand.1992.NZ NAT HIST NZN13

Black, Jeremy (ed for Dorling Kindersley): Atlas of world history. A compelling journey through the human history, from the first humans to the dawn of the new millennium. 1999. Dorling Kindersley. REFERENCE Ref1

Black, Rhona M: The observer's book of fossils.1977. Frederick Warne Publ. EVOLUTION Ev32.

Blandford, Percy: Small boat sailing.1978.BOATING Bo19

Blom, Carron M: Anthropogenic impacts on the benthic fauna and forest structure of the NZ mangrove Avicennia marina var. resinifera. 1992 MSC thesis. NZ NAT HIST NZN??

Blum, Deborah: Sex on the brain, the biological differences between men + women. 1998. Panguin. BIOLOGY Bi48. The author explores the differences between men and women as recorded in many disciplines of science and traces these back to their biological/ chemical origin. A very important read.

Blum, Mark: Beneath the sea in 3-D.1997 Chronicle. SEA GENERAL SG??

Bock, K: A guide to common reef fishes of the W. Indian Ocean.1978.ASIA As1

Bonner, David M & Stanley E Mills: Heredity.1964. EVOLUTION Ev15

Boney, A D: A biology of marine algae.1966. Hutchinson Educational. SEA PLANTS SPL4

Borgese, Elisabeth Mann: Seafarm, the story of aquaculture. 1977. Harry Abrams Inc, New York. FISHING Fi9

Borgstrom, Georg: Too many: an ecological overview of Earth's limitations. 1971. Collier. ECOLOGY Ec76

Boyce, Alistair G et al: New Zealand Fisheries, a geographical perspective.1986. FISHING Fi28

Boyle, Stewart & John Ardill: The greenhouse effect - a practical guide to the world's changing climate. 1989. New English Library. ECOLOGY Ec7.

Bradford, J M: Systematics & Ecology of NZ East Coast Plankton. (NIWA) 1972.PLANKTON PL2

Bradley, Barry: New Zealand from space. 2000. Penguin Books. NZ GENERAL NZG3

Bradstock, Mike: Between the tides, NZ shore and estuary life.1985. SEASHORE SSh5

Brand, Stewart: The clock of the long now. Time and responsibility. 1999. Basic Books. ECOLOGY Ec103

Brent, Peter: Charles Darwin. 1983. Hamlyn. EVOLUTION Ev64. An extraordinarily sympathetic portrait of a giant among men.

Brierly, Kenneth E: Weather for NZ sailors.185. Endeavour Press. CLIMATE/WEATHER C/W3

Bright, Michael: Dolphins.1985. SEA MAMMALS Ma10

Brinkworth, B J: Solar energy for man. 1972. Compton Press. ECOLOGY Ec35

British Museum Publications:

Brook, Liz and Linda Brake: Scenic Hideaways.1985. NZ PARKS P/N4

Brookesmith, Peter (Ed): Creatures from elsewhere: weird animals that no-one can explain. 1984. Orbis Publ. NATURAL HIST NH17

Brower, David: Let the mountains talk, let the rivers run. New Society Publ. 2000. CONSERVATION Co52

Brown, G I: Modern valence theory. 1955. Longmans. Elementary inorganic chemistry. SCIENCE Sc2

Brown, J A C: Techniques of persuasion, from propaganda to brainwashing. 1963. Penguin Books. POLITICS PEP22

Brown, Joseph E: The golden sea - Man's underwater adventures.1974. D.HISTORY DH19

Brown, Joseph F: Tracks & Signs of the birds ....1987. Christopher Helm. BIRDS Bird13

Bryant, Richard H: Physical Geography. 1993. Made Siple Books/Reed Elsevier. OCEANOGRAPHY Oc12.

BSAC publications:

BSCS publications:Biological science. 1983 Prentice-Hall. BIOLOGY Bio9

Buchsbaum, Ralph:

Budianski, Stephen: Nature's keepers, the new science of nature management. 1995. Weidenfeld & Nicolson. CONSERVATION Co77

Budyko, M I: Global Ecology.1980. ECOLOGY Ec81

Bunyard, Peter and Fern Morgan-Grenville: The green alternative. 1987 Methuen. ECOLOGY Ec14
Bunyard, Peter (Ed): Gaia in action, science of the living Earth. 1996. Floris Books. ECOLOGY Ec143. with contributions from James Lovelock, Lynn Margulis, Peter Saunders, Michael Whitfield, Brian Goodwin, Mae-Wan Ho, David Abram, Kate Rawles.

Burke Books: Atlas of the living world. 1983. Burke Publ. GENERAL INTEREST GI6

Burroughs, Jane & Michael: (2) Cruising NZ waters, a guide to shore facilities.1989. BOATING Bo7ab

Burton, Robert:

Burton, Ian & Robert W Kates & Gilbert F White: The environment as hazard. 1978. Oxford Univ Press. ECOLOGY Ec106

Burton, Maurice:

Cairncross, Frances: Costing the Earth. 1991. Harvard Business School Press. ECOLOGY Ec64

Cairns, Stephen D (2): Stylasteridea (Cnidaria: Hydroida), DSIR/NZOI 98.1991. LOWER ANIMALS LAn11

Calder, Nigel: Spaceship Earth. 1991. Penguin. ECOLOGY Ec129

Calman, W T: Marine boring animals. 1936 British Museum. LOWER ANIMALS LAn5

Caldwell, Lynton Keith: International environmental policy: emergence and dimensions. 1990. Duke Univ Press. POLITICS PEP79

Calne, Roy: World in crisis: too many people. 1994. Calder Publ. ECOLOGY Ec133. A radical solution to the population explosion and a survey of what has led to it.

Calvin, William H: How brains think. Evolving intelligence, then and now.1996. Science Masters. EVOLUTION Ev52

Cameron, Charles & Suzanne Elusorr: Thank God it's Monday. Strategies for increasing job satisfaction. 1986. Ebury Press. PHILOSOPHY PEP59. Why spend half your life unhappy?.

Campbell, Andrew C:
    The wonderful world of life in the sea.1978. SEA GENERAL SG29
    The coral seas. 1976. Orbis Publ. SEA GENERAL SG39

Campbell, A B, commander: Great moments at sea.1957. TRAVEL Tr34

Campbell, Bernard: Human evolution, an introduction to man's adaptations. 1966. Heinemann Educational Books. EVOLUTION Ev42.

Canavan, Bernard: Economists for beginners, seven economists in their own words. 1982. Univ Press. 1982. ECONOMY. PEP38

Canning, John (ed): 50 strange mysteries of the sea. 1979. souvenir Press. DIVE HISTORY DH25

Caras, Roger: Dangerous to man.1978. BIOLOGY Bio??

Carnagie, D: The quick and easy way to effective speaking. GENERAL INT GI1

Caron, Elsa & the crew of the FRI: FRI alert ( the yacht's protest story).1974. TRAVEL Tr38

Carr, Archie: So excellent a fishe - a natural history of Sea Turtles.1973. REPTIL Re1

Carrington, Richard: A biography of the sea.1965. SEA GENERAL SG34

Carslaw, H S and J C Jaeger: Operational methods in applied mathematics. 1963. Dover Publ. SCIENCE Sc6

Carson, Rachel:

Carson, Sally and Denis Page: NZ Seashore secrets.1995. SEASHORE SSh3

Carter, R W G: Coastal environments: an introduction to the physical, ecological and cultural systems of coastlines. 1991. Academic Press. OCEANOGRAPHY Oc14

Cassie-Cooper, Vivienne: Microalgae, microscopic marvels.1996. PLANKTON PL4

Castle, John: Northland. ??

Catala, Rene: Carnival under the sea. (New Caledonia) 1964. R Sicard. PACIFIC/TROPICS P/T16. An early account of sea life as observed by the marine research institute in Noumea.

Caufield, Catherine: Masters of illusion: the World Bank and the poverty of nations. 1996 Henry Holt. POLITICS PEP9

Cavendish, Marshall: The illustrated encyclopedia of Earth's resources. 1979. Marshall Cavendish Publ. ECOLOGY Ec130

Cernohorsky, Walter O.:

Chapman, G & W B Barker: Zoology for intermediate students.1965.BIOLOGY Bio15

Chapman, J M and G Ayrey: The use of radioactive isotopes in the life sciences. 1981. George Allen & Unwin. SCIENCE Sc38

Chapman, M A and M H Lewis: An introduction to the freshwater crustacea of New Zealand.1976NZ LA. LOWER ANIMALS LAn10

Chapman, V J: The algae. 1964. MacMillan & Co. SEAPLANTS SPL5. The definitive work on the algae, particularly relating to New Zealand.

Chavasse, PJR and J H Johns: NZ forest parks.1983. PARKS P/N5

Cherfas, Jeremy: The hunting of the whale.1989. FISHING Fi23

Child, John: NZ Practical Natural History.1974. NZ NAT HIST NZN12

Child, John and Peter: New Zealand Dictionary of Biology.1974. BIOLOGY Bio1

Chinnock, R J: (2) Common ferns and fern allies (MOBIL nature series).1981. NZ PLANTS NZP13

Church, Fran (editor). Explore Australia, the complete touring companion. 1991. BP/Penguin Books Australia. Au8

Church, Jim and Cathy:

Clapham, W B Jr: Natural Ecosystems. 1978. MacMillan Publ. ECOLOGY Ec136

Clark, John R & Roberta L Clark (Eds): Sea water systems for experimental aquariums, a collection of papers. 19??. Crown Publ USA.

Clark, Grahame: World prehistory, a new outline. 1969. Cambridge Univ Press. EVOLUTION Ev38

Clark, R H: NZ from the road.1989. NZ GEOLOGY Geo11

Clark, T A: The sea is my neighbour, a lighthouse keeper's story.1963. NZ GENERAL NZG18

Clifford, Brian & Neil Illingworth: The voyage of the Golden Lotus (Hongkong to Auckland in a Junk).1962. TRAVEL Tr44

Clifford, Graham: Notes from a skipper's logbook (Bay of Island).1980. BOATING Bo15

Club of Rome: The First Global Revolution.(A King & B Schneider).1992. ECOLOGY Ec15

Cobb, Leonard and James Duncan: NZ's national parks.1980. NZ GENERAL NZG4

Cockaine, L: New Zealand plants and their story. 1910, 1919,1927,1967. E J Godley Ed. Government Printer, Wellington. NZ PLANTS NZP4. A classic of NZ botanical literature.

Coe, Geoffrey: Fish (the how and why wonder book). CHILDRENS FISH Ch14

Coffey, Brian: The NZ diver.(CMAS).1989.DIVING INSTRUCTION DI10

Colbert, Edwin H: Evolution of the vertebrates.1961. EVOLUTION Ev18
    Evolution of the vertebrates, a history of the backboned animals through time. 1966. John Wiley & Sons. EVOLUTION Ev40.

Coleman, David C. and D A Crossley Jr: Fundamentals of soil ecology. 1996. Academic Press. ECOLOGY Ec71. A textbook for ecologists and soil scientists, examining the soil as an organising centre for all terrestrial ecosystems: physics, chemistry and biology.

Coleman, Neville:

Coles, Adlard: North Atlantic: Boat against boat over 3000 Miles.1951. TRAVEL Tr26

Collins & Longman: Junior atlas for New Zealand and the South Pacific. CHILDRENS Ch2
Collins Nature Heritage Series: Offshore and outlying islands of NZ.1979. NZ GENERAL NZG25
Collins Colour Guides:  R Metz & A E Fanck: Minerals and precious stones. 250p. Collins. GEOLOGY Geo21. A richly illustrated and comprehensive introduction to mineralogy and gem stones.

Collins, Simon & Roger Douglas: Rogernomics, is there a better way?. 1987. Pitman Publ. ECONOMY PEP37. A justification for neo-classical economic remedies for NZ's economy. An indictment of common sense.

Cometi, Ronald & John Morton: Margins of the sea, exploring NZ's coastline. 1985 Hodder & Stoughton. SEASHORE SSh6

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Cotton, C A: Geomorphology, an introduction to the study of landforms. 1942. Whitcombe & Tombs. GEOLOGY Geo13.

Cousteau, Jacques-Yves. Note all books under category COUSTEAU

  • (The Ocean World of Jacques Cousteau series)

  • Cousteau: Falco chief diver of the Calypso. (by Philippe Diole and Albert Falco). 1977. Cassell & Co. COUSTEAU Cou 35

    Cousteau, Jean-Michel & Mose Richards: Cousteau's Australia. 1993 RD Press/Readers Digest. COUSTEAU Cou1

    Cowcher, Helen: Rain forest. CHILDRENS Ch2

    Cowen, Richard: History of Life.1976. EVOLUTION Ev25

    Cowen, Rober C: Frontiers of the sea.1960. OCEANOGRAPHY Oc15

    Cox, Geoffrey & Francis, Malcolm: Sharks and rays of New Zealand. 1997. Canterbury Univ Press. NZ FISH NZF18
    Cox, Geoffrey J: Whale Watch: a guide to New Zealand's whales and dolphins. 1990. William Collins. SEA MAMMALS Ma36

    Cox, Ian (et al): The scallop; studies of a shell and its influences on humankind. 1957. Shell transport and trading company (SHELL). SHELLS/MOLLUSCS Sh/Mo29

    Cox, John: Overkill, the story of modern weapons. 1981. Penguin. Politics. PEP76 . Probability of nuclear war. How bombs are built. The horror of Hiroshima. What nuclear energy is. The electronic battlefield.

    Cox, Vic: Ocean Life, beneath the crystal seas.1989. PHOTOGRAPHY DP13

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    Crick, Francis: Life Itself.1981. BIOLOGY Bio6

    Crile, Jane & Barney: Treasure diving holidays - The adventure of a family.1954. ARCHAEOLOGY Ar3

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    Crocombe, Graham T et al: Upgrading New Zealand's competitive advantage.1991. Oxford Univ Press. ECONOMY PEP48. A microeconomic approach to cure NZ's economic ills, inspired on the  Harvard Business School.

    Cropp, Ben: (2) Handbook for skindivers.1962.DIVE INSTRUCTION DI14ab

    Crowe, Andrew:

    Cumberland, Kenneth and Graeme Matthews: Rivers and lakes in New Zealand.1985. NZ GENERAL NZG28

    Curtiss, Helena & Sue Barnes: Biology. 5th ed. 1989. 1400p. Worth Publishers. BIOLOGY 41. A comprehensive and beautifully illustrated textbook of  general biology.

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