Mimiwhangata - Have your say
We want your feedback on the idea of a marine reserve at Mimiwhangata. Please complete this questionnaire and return it to the Department of conservation, Northland conservancy Office, P O BOX 842, Whangarei by 12 October 2004. This document and proposal can also be downloaded from our website, www.doc.govt.na/regionalinfo/001~Northland/004~Conservation/index.asp

Personal Information:
Name: ____________________________________
Email: __________________________________
Organisation or iwi/hapu (if applicable)

Use of the area:
Do you use the coastal or marine areas of Mimiwhangata?
Yes, 5 or more times/year Yes, less than 5 times/year No

What activities are you involved in within the proposal area? (Tick as many as apply)
Recreational fishing
Commercial fishing
Education or study
Other _____________________

Marine Reserve
Would you, your hapu or organisation be affected by the creation of a marine reserve at Mimiwhangata?
Yes No

What effect would a marine reserve have on you? ___________________________________________________
Is that effect likely to be favourable or unfavourable? Favourable Unfavourable

How would that effect change with Option 1, Option 2 or an alternative boundary? (Please indicate alternative on the map)
We would appreciate any additional comments you have on the Mimiwhangata marine reserve proposal.